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What We Do

We help rock climbers achieve peak performance by creating individualized programming based upon the tenets of Muscle Activation Techniques. Elite Performance Climbing delivers EPIC results through science based, professional level performance training both in person and on our revolutionary app!

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What is MAT?

(Muscle Activation Techniques)

In short, MAT addresses the root cause of your muscle tightness, which inhibits your uncompensated mobility and performance. Muscle tightness exists in your body for only one reason: To protect your joints when muscles stop being able to communicate with the brain.

If you do flexibility modalities that manually and artificially remove that tightness without addressing the root cause of why your brain put that tightness there, you increase your risk of injury and diminish your performance.


MAT activates the muscles that weren't talking to the brain, and the brain removes the tightness it put there to protect you since it's no longer needed. With more muscles active, you are less likely to be injured, your mobility improves because you are now more stable and you see massive gains in performance now that muscles are active and able to grow. 

Program Options:
A.) 1 Mobility Assessment and 6-Week Training phase ($70)
B.) 3 Month Training Program w/ Free Assessments ($35/Month, $105 Total)
C.) 6 Month Training Program w/ Free Assessments ($28/Month, $168 Total)
D.) Mobility Re-Assessment ($25). 


Cincinnati, Ohio

+1 (615) 881-3140


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